Scarthingwell Golf Academy



Welcome to the Academy – we offer a huge variety of sessions ranging from individual video lessons to complete game improvement packages. Our highly successful Academy Director Tony Howarth is here to improve every aspect of your golf game. Tony will help you refine your game through personalised programmes resulting in simple, focused steps that golfers of any ability can take to improve your swing, strategy and ultimately, your score.

Our  indoor studio consisting of video bay and putting area allows our coaches to deliver video lessons and short game sessions all year round from 9.00am to 9.00pm, whatever the weather.

Our  9-hole Academy course tees allow all beginners to play from distances starting at 50 yards. As their skills increase and “Par” scores are achieved, the beginners will progress through the levels until they can play from the regular Red and Blue tees on the golf course. The Academy tees make the game easier, quicker and more enjoyable for the beginners, allowing them to play alongside more experienced players without any fear of holding up play.